The Magic 8's of Selling


Regardless of how much experience your sales staff has, most sales people do not know how to take advantage of the sales opportunity with the various customers they interact with. Some customers are "just looking", others are "confused", some "have a problem they want help with," while there are also customers that think they know exactly what they are looking for. Tom Shay shares eight types of selling scenarios; identifying signs of these customers and ways to interact with each customer type. Shay illustrates how your business can create “practice situations" and "games" where your staff can enhance their skills to increase your sales. Business owners with many years of experience have said they wished they had heard this information much earlier in their career as they feel it would enhance their ability to sell.

As a bonus, Shay includes eight ways of closing a sale. As too many sales people can get the customer to the point of making a purchasing decision, but fail to engage the customer in the close, the sale is often lost. Knowing these ways of closing a sale, and being able to utilize them at the appropriate time, will show up on the bottom line of your profit and loss statement.

These are the 'Magic 8's of Selling"; eight ways to identify the types of customers and eight ways to close the sale. The magic will appear as sales in your business increases.

2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST

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About the speaker 
Tom Shay

While he was away at college, Tom Shay got a part time job in a clothing store. On the first day of work, he outsold everyone in the store. Over the next two years at that job, he set every sales record the store ever had, including outselling the current generation owner of the business. When you have been in a selling situation all of your life, the concepts of how to sell become entrenched in your thought process and your actions. As most people do not have this opportunity, Tom Shay shares the techniques he has learned from being a part of a family business for over 25 years. "Selling should be second nature", Shay says, "And I have detailed the many aspects of selling to share with people who want to learn how to be better at selling."