Color, Design and Market Trends in Residential Outdoor Products


The outdoor areas around the home offer great expansion in lifestyle, continuing to rank at the top as the most desired home enhancement. Since outdoor rooms are a relatively recent architectural consideration, many homeowners are starting from scratch to develop, remodel and outfit their outdoor spaces.

METAPHOR llc, has compiled the first report that tracks and compares the design attributes of outdoor building products and décor. These comparisons are common factors in interior design, as coordination of products is critical to consumers as well as product design development professionals.

Today’s consumer perceives less disconnection between indoor and outdoor living. The outdoor living room has become an extension of the interior living space—patios, decks, porches and backyards expand useable space and morph into alfresco family rooms and kitchens, as indoor amenities move outside. Outdoors adjacent has become the new multipurpose area for family activities, entertaining, lounging, cooking, eating, watching TV, listening to music, relaxing.

Today’s outdoor spaces are being transformed into areas that are ultra comfortable and stylish, often resembling well-designed interiors.

Since 2003, METAPHOR llc has been tracking interior colors in a wide variety of materials and products including flooring, wall coverings, hardware, furnishings, fabrics, metal and plastic finishes, tile, lighting and accessories, based on the premise that more accurate color cycles, forecasts and specifications for new product designs would emerge.

Beginning in 2008, an extensive study of color in outdoor products was launched including siding, roofing, decking, railing, hardware, furniture frame finishes, seating slings, shutters and hard-scape.

Like house styles, there are transitional periods that occur in interior/exterior design. Such a transition is currently happening in exterior design.

Using examples from the exclusive color palettes and design and style boards found in the report, METAPHOR llc will discuss the importance of coordination, how these boards can be used for product design development, and what forecast trends they are predicting.

About the speaker 
George Gehringer

George Gehringer is a designer, craftsman and artist. His inspiration to follow a life in the arts started with a chance experience in ceramics, a passion he still pursues. For over 30 years he has explored, designed, and created products in various materials for residential and commercial uses. Extensive domestic and international experiences have influenced his award winning designs, and he is known for his accomplishments in ceramics, surface coverings, architectural products, and outdoor décor. His desire to innovate has connected his design career with global business practices, and his ability to view all aspects of product design from concept to introduction give his work a unique appearance in all applications. Currently, George is Principle and Creative Director at METAPHOR llc, and has served as the Creative Director at Armstrong World Industries, Flooring Design Manager at Formica Corp, and Design Manager at American Olean/DalTile.

George has participated in the development and implementation of new business ventures and has served on the board of directors of several professional associations, and he strives to make design a valued and recognized part of society.

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