The Masters of Legendary Service!


Everyone has had the experience at least once; a manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s representative, or a salesperson in an independent or chain store, demonstrates a sincere and deep interest in the wants and needs of the customer. Why is the salesperson making such an effort to give the customer this unique experience? What is in it for the salesperson?

Can you learn the motivation this person has? Can you learn the techniques the salesperson utilizes to give the customer the pleasant experience? You personally and the business you work in or own, will reap the rewards as you learn the secrets and techniques of becoming one of “The Masters of Legendary Service.”

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About the speaker 
Tom Shay

Tom Shay knows how to help business owners improve their businesses and resolve the challenges they face. He is an individual that not only has the knowledge but has the experience of having “been there and done that”. Tom Shay knows the intricate details of small business ownership. He has written hundreds of articles for trade magazines and authored a dozen books on the aspects of owning and managing the business. He works with small business owners as well as the wholesalers and manufacturers who serve them.

Shay has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation of which there are less than 700 worldwide.

Most importantly, those who have listened to Tom Shay and put his ideas to work in their business have improved their bottom line. While the personal stories he shares are entertaining, they add application to the information Tom shares.